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Do you want to pay in installments? - Select Scalapay or Klarna at Checkout / Create an Account / Login / Pay in 3 installments, interest free.
Also pay in installments with Scalapay or Klarna.


Klarna FAQ

Payment in installments with Klarna
How does Klarna work?
Klarna is an alternative payment method that allows you to split the purchase amount into 3 (three) interest-free installments. The first installment will be automatically charged to the buyer's credit card at the same time as the order is shipped, while the second and third installments, respectively, on the thirtieth and sixtieth day following the shipment of the order. At checkout, select Klarna as your payment method. Log in to your Klarna Wallet or register in a few clicks. You can log into your Klarna account online or on their app at any time to view your account and details of scheduled installments. Klarna cannot be used to pay for an order with the Click and Collect service.
Klarna is an independent payment company and Passarelli Linen has no influence on whether or not your payment with Klarna is accepted. If you have a payment problem with your order, please contact Klarna Customer Service.

What do i have to provide when i make a purchase?
If you wish to make a purchase with Klarna by paying in 3 installments, you will need to provide your phone number, email address, current billing address, a valid credit card. The telephone number is necessary in case there is a need to contact you. All communications will be sent to your email address. It is very important that the correct data is provided, otherwise the payment schedule and any order updates may not arrive.
Who is entitled to the "Pay in 3 installments without interest?"
To use the “Pay in 3 installments without interest” option you must be at least 18 years old. Although the “Pay in 3 installments without interest” option is widely advertised, it is subject to your financial circumstances. By choosing to take advantage of the “Pay in 3 installments without interest” option, Klarna's analysis will not affect your credit rating.
Will a credit search be carried out against the user?
Klarna may carry out so-called undocumented inquiries (or soft credit searches) which have no effect on your credit score and are only visible to you and Klarna, but are not visible to other lenders. Neither Klarna nor
Passarelli biancheria carry out credit searches against the user which could affect his credit score.
Why is the “Pay in 3 installments without interest” option not accessible to everyone?
Although the “Pay in 3 installments without interest” option is widely advertised, it is not always available to everyone. The "Pay in 3 installments without interest" option is automatically generated by algorithms that depend on a number of factors including address, cardholder data, order total, online shop, history of previous orders and the availability of the item.
Is there an amount limit for each transaction with Klarna?
Yes, the amount of your order with Klarna, including shipping costs, must be between € 4 and € 800. The maximum amount of your order may be lower based on certain variables such as being a new customer or on-time payments.
What are the payment methods with Klarna?
Payments for the installments of the “Pay in 3 installments without interest” option will be automatically charged to the debit or credit card indicated at the time of payment. The first payment will be charged when the order is confirmed. The second and third installments will be charged respectively 30 and 60 days after the first installment. You can always track your payment schedule in the Klarna app or on
What happens if the order is not paid?
Klarna will attempt to debit the payment from the debit or credit card indicated at the time of purchase. If it is not possible to debit the payment on the due date, Klarna will make a second attempt to automatically debit the payment two days later. If this attempt fails, Klarna will issue a statement for the full outstanding amount which will become payable 15 days later. Klarna will notify the payment deadline two days before attempting to redeem it and you will always be able to track the due date in the Klarna app and on the website.
I was asked to go to the Klarna site. It's correct?
You can view all your Klarna purchases and payment schedule in the Klarna app or by logging into
Are the user's payment details safe?
Your payment details are processed securely by Klarna. No card data is transferred or held by
Passarelli Linen. All transactions take place with connections secured by the latest industry security protocols.
Is it possible to pay before the due date?
Yes. Just go to the Klarna app or log into the website and pay in advance.
How can I know if the payment was successful?
Klarna will send an email notification and push notification from the Klarna application when a payment is due and when it has been successfully collected, or in the unlikely event that the payment has not been successful. If a payment has been made but no confirmation of payment has been received, it will always be possible to check the status of the order and payments in the Klarna app or by accessing the website
What happens if I return an order?
Passarelli Linen has received the return (partial or total) and you have received the confirmation of receipt at our warehouse, Klarna will send an account statement with the updated payment plan in the case of a partial return. In the event of a full return of the goods, Klarna will refund all payments received and cancel any future payments. You can always track the status of your order in the Klarna app or on .
How can I contact Klarna if I have additional payment concerns?

Consult the Klarna app or website ( ) or the Klarna Customer Service page ( ) for the complete list of frequently asked questions and telephone numbers.

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