Which Towels or Bath Towel to Choose for Your Bathroom / Environment?

How many of you have asked this question?
Regardless of the decision of color and fantasy, but the quality?

Well let's clarify the various types of sponge and not on the market. Which ones are most suitable for each member of our family, and how many to buy.

The absolute protagonists of bathroom linen. But what are the characteristics that make a quality towel? How to recognize the product that suits us and our needs? We will try to answer these questions today, listing practical tips for choosing bathroom towels.


First of all, a necessary distinction must be made between the fabrics useful for drying the body and those most suitable for absorbing excess water from dishes and surfaces. It should be borne in mind that the absorbency derives from the maximization of the surface area.

Cotton towels, therefore, are recommended for hands and body, while linen towels are perfect for drying dishes and glasses, the so-called "dishcloths".

A spongy fabric is undoubtedly more absorbent and dries on both sides: this will give you a larger area for drying. The woven linen is a mix of linen, cotton and rayon: a perfect choice for drying dishes because it increases evaporation. For glasses, on the other hand, we recommend Damascus linen, which does not leave streaks.

Finally, pure linen is strong, resistant and super absorbent: ideal for everything, including glassware. There are also microfiber towels that have the advantage of being light and very thin and drying very quickly.

Of the latest generation (in fact many companies are converting) the production of fiber with TENCEL, a botanical fiber obtained from the processing of cellulose extracted from eucalyptus trees.
In fact, one of the first companies to produce this type of sponge is Caleffi which converts to sustainability. And launches Green , the first bathroom linen collection made with TENCEL, a botanical fiber obtained from the processing of cellulose extracted from eucalyptus trees.
Among the first articles produced we have the towel set and the Bath towel.


To have soft terry towels it is essential to wash them often immediately after purchase and before use. This procedure is used to wash away the chemical residues of the manufacture and to better release the absorbent power of the cotton.

After numerous washes, in fact, the fibers are able to perform better the task for which they were assembled, that is to absorb water. Bleaching, useful for removing stains and making the white shine, softens towels without wearing them out.

Ultimately, a good towel is one that does not lose color, threads or lint, soft and resistant.

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